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An Artist’s Guide to Making Atlanta Home

8 Oct

Photo Credit: Pexels.com

Whether you draw, paint, sculpt, or make music, making a living from your creative pursuits can be very rewarding. That said, not every city is particularly welcoming for artists. For example, while a place like New York may be buzzing with creative energy, it has a very high cost of living, which can make it a tough place to survive if you’re an up-and-coming artist. Enter Atlanta. This southern metropolis offers many advantages for artists, including grants like the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund, and is a great place to call home.

This guide explains why Atlanta is such a great place for artists to live and offers practical pointers on settling into this vibrant city.

Recognize the benefits of Atlanta for artists

Atlanta has a burgeoning arts scene that’s gaining increasing national and even international recognition. According to ARTnews, there are many museums, educational networks, and new and old institutes feeding the artistic community. Examples include the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, which doles out millions in support for artists every year. Atlanta is also a relatively affordable city. The cost of living is two percent lower than the national average as a whole, so you can survive here even if you aren’t a star artist (yet).

Find the perfect place to live in the city

If you’ve decided to call Atlanta home, you’ve made a great choice. But you still have to decide exactly where in the city you want to live. Atlanta covers a lot of surface area, with many distinct neighborhoods. Scope out areas that are made for art lovers, like Midtown, Castleberry Hill, and Westside. Of course, you also need to consider practicalities like price when deciding where to live. You can use an online tool like this one to check prices in various neighborhoods.

Know where to get your creative supplies in the city

Once you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to start getting creative. If you’re an artist, you probably want some supplies to set up your own home studio. This roundup of the best art and design supply stores in Atlanta can help you figure out where to get the goods you need. You might also want to set up a separate studio space in your new home where you can get creative. Make sure your studio is painted in soothing colors, has plenty of light to promote productivity, and includes some greenery to encourage concentration.

Connect with the creative community

As a creative person, you undoubtedly want to share your passion with others. Atlanta offers plenty of opportunities for artists to showcase their work and connect. This roundup of art spaces in Atlanta focuses on organizations that are boosting the city’s progressive creativity, from grassroots spots to museums. Meanwhile, Art Currents ATL has a list of event listings you can check to learn more about the city’s vibrant arts community. Going to events is also a wonderful way to explore your new city.

Prepare to network

As you venture out into the Atlanta arts scene, make sure you’re prepared. For example, when you attend events, come armed with an elevator pitch and links to your portfolio. You can have a business card with a QR code that people can scan to visit your website directly, for instance. There are many benefits to proactive networking, from meeting collaborators to finding new opportunities. Since you’re new to the city, it can also simply be a way to make new friends.

Atlanta has a lot to offer artists and is a relatively affordable urban center, making it a great place for creatives to set up camp. The above guide highlights the advantages and offers some resources to help you find your way in the Atlanta creative scene.

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Sharon Red, Writer